Welcome to The Photo Hikes. My name is Marco. Originally from Italy, I have lived for 13 years in the Netherlands, and I am now residing in Switzerland, a real paradise for both Hiking and Photography. I always hike with a camera. But enough of that. Let’s get into what The Photo Hikes is about.

Panorama from the top of a mountain over a norwegian fjord

Why The Photo Hikes?

ThePhotoHikes Hiking & Photography Adventures blog was born from my passion for Hiking and Photography. For me, hiking and photography always go together. Hence, the name of this blog, The Photo Hikes.

I spend a lot of time researching each location before I go and take a lot of photos and videos while on the trails. Over the years, I have collected a wealth of information and knowledge about each location, and I did not want that to go to waste, considering how much time it takes to gain and build it.

I have faced the difficulties of trying to get good hiking data about each location, when to go and how to maximize my experience the best. This is also one of the main reasons why I created this blog. Helping people find information about such locations to plan their trips, get a feel for each site, and get the best experience there. The world is there for anyone to enjoy it.

Hiker watching the sunset from a cliff in a Norwegian fjordno the trail to Hesten

Enjoying the Sunset on a Norwegian fjord, Hesten Trail.

How to use hike reports on the Photo Hikes

Several hike reports on this blog are about hard-to-get-to locations, and there’s not much information about them elsewhere on the Internet. Some are easier to get to, and I do my best to provide all the relevant information for everyone to enjoy the beauty of nature.

  • Trails and Location: each blog post is structured in a way to show you how to get to the location, how long the hike is and home much time it requires. Its difficulty and so on. Where available, I also provide alternative options, easier trails or ways to get to the hike destination.
  • Hike difficulty: while difficulty rating can be subjective, most of my “difficulty” ratings are meant for expert hikers. So a hike rated as “hard” can be hard for an expert/fit hiker already. With that in mind, always compare the length/hike time and elevation profiles to what you are used to.
  • Photography Tips: this is also very subjective. I will, however, report on what I enjoyed the most about shooting at each location, the best vantage points, the most suitable lenses, and tips on when to find the best light.
  • Maps: There also is a map with a downloadable GPS file at the bottom of each hike. The map also contains images of the hike and the exact location of where each photo on the map was taken. To see those, you can click on the map, where you will be able to see the activity on Komoot and download the data from there. You can use that information to see where the most scenic spots are and get an idea of what to expect from each location.
  • Videos: lastly, I also add videos to some of the hikes. The videos are mostly thought to give you an additional tool to view part of the trails. As such, the videos are meant to be an additional tool to view/plan your hikes. Feel free to watch them on my YouTube Channel directly too.

And just so you know, I will never post anything about a location I have never visited. I also do my best to capture and reproduce in photos the impressions each location leaves in me. However, I firmly believe that no matter how good photos can be, they can never replace the experience of being there. Still, they can motivate people to get out there.

The world is a marvellous place, and I want to encourage people to experience its beauty on foot and with a camera for memories they could cherish and share with others. If we aren’t sharing the same passion yet, I hope we will soon. If we already share it, then see you on the trails :)!


  • Respect for nature is essential, and I believe encouraging people to discover the world and its natural wonders can raise awareness about the delicate environment we live in and thus help protect it. Respect the locations you visit. Leave no trace.
  • Safety First: there’s no summit or photo that is worth putting one’s life at risk. Stay Safe out there. Safety always comes first.

Now you should know how to get the best out of this blog. Ready? Go back to the main page to discover some new hikes!

Work With Me & Contact

I am open to collaborations with other bloggers, photographers or like-minded brands that fit the purpose of this blog. Whether for locations, gear reviews, or anything related to Hiking and Photography, feel free to reach out. For any other questions, collaborations or if you would like to get in touch, you can contact me through my contact page.

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