The Best Hiking destinations for Photography by country

On this page, you can find a list of the best hiking destinations for photography by Country. Anyway, what makes a destination good for Hiking and photography, you may wonder? While the answer could be subjective and a matter of personal preferences, I’d argue there are two main factors:

Quantity and quality of trails

First of all, a country obviously needs to have a lot of hiking trails. Second of all, there needs to be a certain variety in the difficulty of the trails. By that, I mean easy trails comparable to long walks, as well as more challenging trails closer to alpine-style climbing. There also needs to be a reasonable concentration of them within reasonable distances. This makes it easier to plan a variety of experiences within a relatively short distance.

Quantity and concentration of Scenic and photogenic locations

On top of the above, most of the trail needs to offer multiple vantage points and points of interest along the way. Preferably a mountain top too, to enjoy the landscape for a while before heading back down. We all want good views and to head back down with photos and memories we could cherish for a long time and remember with a smile.

I realize there are a lot of personal preferences involved in this. Still, I hope my blog post and experiences can help you build a good one for yourself.

Panorama from the top of a mountain over a norwegian fjord, one og the best hiking and photography locations

Locations on The Photo Hikes

I am currently focused on adding more locations from Iceland, Norway and Switzerland. I personally prefer to extensively explore a few locations and really get to know them in depth, rather than hopping around and badge-collect list of countries.

I’d also like to ensure anyone reading this blog can get the most accurate information I can provide. Most of my tips and feedback come from my difficulties in researching a location or things I discovered on the trail. I hope you can use my experience to plan your own and make the best out of it.

Also, there are many countries I’d like to add to this list, I realize it will never be a complete or even exhaustive one. Still, that’s the perfect excuse to keep hiking and taking photos!

Happy browsing!







Le Tre Cime in the Dolomites are one of the best hiking destination in italy