The Best Hikes and Photography locations in Iceland


Welcome to the land of Fire and Ice!

Discover The Best Hikes and Photography locations in Iceland. Iceland has it all. Beautiful trails through glaciers, volcanoes, natural thermal pools and amazing landscapes.

Sure, the Iceland Ring Road road Trip is now a modern classic. You will discover many beautiful locations along the way just by following the road.

I’ve done it myself three times in the past, and each time I discovered new points of interest I had missed on previous visits.

However, the best way to Explore the pristine Icelandic nature is to wear a pair of hiking boots, take a camera, and head off to the trails.

While some of the best trails are directly accessible from the Ring Road, the best Photohikes Iceland offers are undoubtedly those in the Highlands.


Uppgönguhryggur on the SAklli hike, a colourful ridge in a desolated area in the highlands of Iceland

Hiking in Landmannalaugar


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Hiking and photography in Iceland. Quick tips.

Hiking trails in the Highlands are usually easy to follow and visible. In places like Landmannalaugar and Thorsmork, each path is marked with a different color. This allows you to identify each trail and detour along the way easily, should you wish to do so.

Make no mistake, though! If you plan to venture into the Highlands, You should also be well-prepared and equipped. Familiarising with some basic safety rules is essential:

  • Make sure you are fit enough for the hikes you plan to do. Bring more water and snacks than you think you’ll need.
  • Mobile reception can be spotty to non-existent. If you are hiking alone or planning to venture on multi-day trips, leave your travel plan with You may also want to bring a dedicated GPS device with you.
  • Check the weather before you set off. Even then, make sure you bring a waterproof jacket with you. The weather in Iceland can change fast, very fast, even on a sunny day with no clouds in sight.

Also, if you plan to eat dehydrated food on your hiking/camping trips, make sure you pack some in your bag before leaving for Iceland. It is almost impossible to find it outside the Reykjavik area or along the ring road.


When To Go

The highlands will be completely inaccessible all year round except during Summer. The end of June to early September should be your target dates if you plan to hike anywhere in the Highlands. This, however, varies year by year, depending on snowmelt and road conditions. You can check the road conditions on, and the average f-roads opening times here.


Transportation and Renting a Car or Camper Van

In terms of transportation, renting a car or a camper van will be the best choice for a hiker. You will need a 4WD vehicle allowed for F-roads to drive on tracks that have no river crossing. Check with the rental agency before booking. F-roads with river crossing is something I do not recommend unless youare very experienced at it. Some rental agencies have large 4WD vehicles on offer, but keep in mind the insurance does not cover water damage.

Car or Camper Van Rentals

I can definitely recommend two companies here:

  • Cars: Blue Car Rental, which is the largest Car rental company in Iceland, and for good reasons. Free Cancellation, Unlimited mileage, 24-hour break assistance, SCDW, CDW, TP, and GP insurance are included in the price. Blue Car Rental is also located within walking distance of the Keflavik Airport, so you can be on your way to explore Iceland right away. I’ve always been happy with my rentals there, which is why I’m happy to recommend their services here on my blog.
  • Camper Vans: CampEasy. With CampEasy, you can rent 2WD or 4×4 campers alike. With a raised Chassis, larger tires, and extra insurance for river crossing, their 4X4 campers are the best choice for your trip into the Highlands. Their Website also provides extensive information about roads you can take and instructions on river crossings. Perfect choice for a hiking holiday in the highlands!

These are my two favorite companies in each respective rental area, which I why I am happy to recommend both here. If you also like this blog, booking through them is a great way to support it. I’ll get a small commission fee at no additional cost, so you can essentially support the running costs of this blog for free too. If you do, you have all my gratitude!

Lastly, keep in mind off-road driving is prohibited in Iceland. You can only drive on F-roads.

Other means of Transportation

If you don’t drive yourself or prefer to be based in Reykjavik, several travel agencies will offer day trips to the most popular hiking locations.

Hiking/hikers bus passes are also available from a couple of agencies:

I have only used bus services once to go to Thorsmork, and I was pretty happy with this option.

If the car you rented is unsuitable for F-roads, both companies also stop at Hella or Hvolsvöllur, where you can leave the car and take the bus.

Ready to go? Here you can discover some of Iceland’s Best Hiking and Photography locations.

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