The Skalli and Uppgönguhryggur Hike – Iceland

If you are looking for a fantastic hike through some of the best landscapes Landmannalaugar offers, look no further; the Skalli and Uppgönguhryggur hike in Landmannalaugar should be at the top of your list. Colourful Rhyolite mountains, Canyons and epic views.

View of colourful Rhyolite mountains partially covered in snow on the Skalli trail in Landmannalaugar

One of the many epic views along the Skalli trail.

Although the official trail is just the one to Skalli, which is already amazing enough, there is another detour along the way; that detour leads to Uppgönguhryggur. I’d highly recommend you’d take it. And, you may ask, what is Uppgönguhryggur anyway, and why should you care anyway?

First of all, it’s a rock formation, a ridge. Uppgönguhryggur literally means “ascending ridge”. Second of all, it’s beautiful. After all, this is Landmannalaugar, and all the rocks are beautiful there :). Third of all, it is “hikeable” as the trail that leads down to Jokulgilskvisl crosses it.

But enough of that, here it is:

Uppgönguhryggur a volcanic ridge in a natural landscape in Iceland


While it is a beautiful rock formation, I can also safely say that no photos can do it justice. The size and the shape of the ridge are something that needs to be seen live. It’s like an abstract sculpture, and one feels like being in some “open-air” abstract sculpture museum. So yes, I’d highly recommend the detour if you ask me. Here below, you can find out all the details.

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Overview of the Skalli and Uppgönguhryggur Hike

Max Altitude 1,027 m
Distance 22,2 km (15km without Uppgönguhryggur)
Elevation gain  910 ↑ /  910 ↓
Hike time 7:00 / 8:00 Hours (5:00 / 6:00 without Uppgönguhryggur)
Hike Difficulty Hard

The summit of skill in landmannalaugar on a foggy day

That rounded mountain top is Skalli’s summit. You can see a bit of the trail on the left-hand side.

How to get to Skalli, Landmannalaugar

Skalli is a mountain in the Fjallabak Nature Reserve in the central highlands of Iceland, translating into “this is a remote location”. The summit can be reached directly from the Landmannalaugar campground.

  • Driving Directions: This Hike is only possible in Summer as the F roads leading to Landmannalaugar are only open from June/late June until mid/late September. If you are driving, a 4WD is required. It is advisable to take the F208 North to Landmannalaugar as there are no river crossings until you get to the camping ground. Also, this is suitable for smaller 4WD cars, like a Dacia Duster or a Suzuki Jimny. If you are looking for car rental options, I can definitely recommend Blue Car Rental for cars and CampEasy for Camper Vans.
  • Parking: You can leave the car in the parking lot by the river. A small pedestrian bridge will allow you to cross the river from there. However, you should only attempt to get to Landmannalaugar via other F Roads (like the F208 south) with larger 4WD as the river crossings are unsuitable for a small 4WD car. Please note: as of June 20th, 2024, you will need to reserve parking in advance if you plan to visit Landmannalaugar between 8 AM and 3 PM (source). You can reserve your parking spot in Landmannalaugar here. The reservation system will be in place every year between June 20th and September 15th.
  • Public Transport: no public transport is available, but a few companies offer transport services like Trex – Travel Experiences or Reykjavik Excursions.

If you are wondering whether you can do Skalli as a day hike, the answer is: yes, you should be able to. I met other photographers on the trail who came with the scheduled bus and left the same day. However, I say you “should” be able to because it is a bit of a tight schedule. Therefore, you should attempt it only if you know you can complete such a long hike within the arrival and departure of the bus.

Tip: there may be snow on the trail early in the season, so it may take longer to complete the loop. Ask the warden about the conditions of the trails before setting off.

Rhyolite mountains with snow in Landmannalalugar on the Skalli trail

The classic, beautiful Rhyolite mountains of Landmannalaugar


The Skalli and Uppgönguhryggur Hiking trail

The Skalli and Uppgönguhryggur Hike is a loop hike, so you can do it either way. My first tip here is whichever direction you decide to hike, make sure you turn back often to look at the landscape behind you! You want to ensure you get all of it on this trail:). I opted to do it counterclockwise, so this is the hike I will describe here. I preferred to visit Uppgönguhryggur first and then continue to explore the rest of the trail.


But let’s get back to the trail. Initially, the trail follows the Jokulgilskvisl river upstream and slowly starts to gain elevation from there. You’ll first approach Skalli, the mountain on your right. You can’t miss it because Skalli is the highest mountain in the surrounding.

Before reaching the trail to the summit, you will see a sign with “Hattver” written on it. Follow it to get to Uppgönguhryggur. Within 10/15 minutes, you should be able to see it. Then, you can cross that beautiful ridge and descent on the other side into Jokulgilskvisl. You can also explore the area a bit, which I did before going back up Uppgönguhryggur and on the Skalli trail.

colourful mountains on the SKalli and Uppgönguhryggur hill in Landmannalaugar

The trail passes through some very fine landscapes right from the beginning.

view of a trail in the highlands of Iceland with the mountain Skalli in the background

The trail with Skalli in the background.

View if the mountains of Landmannalaugar on a foggy morning

The beautiful Landmannalaugar mountains on a foggy morning.

Trail on a mountain side in the highlands of Iceland on The Skalli and Uppgönguhryggur Hike

The trail on the side of Skalli.

Hattver Sign on a trail in in the highlands of Iceland

Follow this to get to Uppgönguhryggur.

The Uppgönguhryggur ridge in Landmannalauagr on a sunny day

Soon enough, you should get the first glimpse of Uppgönguhryggur.

Jökulgilskvísl river bed along The Skalli and Uppgönguhryggur Hike

The Jökulgilskvísl canyon is also a great area to explore a bit.

Waterfall in the Jökulgilskvísl Canyon

Waterfall in the Jökulgilskvísl Canyon.


Skalli’s summit I on another detour from the main trail, where the deviation for Hattver is. It is another 10/15 minutes to Skalli’s summit from that deviation. Then you need to go back to the main trail, which loops back into the main camp, passing through some more amazing landscapes, with great views of Bláhnúkur and Brennisteinsalda.

Finally, the trail crosses Laugahraun and goes into Graenagil before closing the loop by the campsite. You know what time is it back to the camp, right? Hot pool time! Seriously I spent almost two hours in the pool after this hike. A perfect ending for such a great hike!

The landmannalaugar mountains with snow

Views of the snowy mountains surrounding the Skalli trail.

Hiker looking at the landscape from the top of a ravine on the The Skalli and Uppgönguhryggur Hike

Hiker looking at the landscape.

Bláhnúkur mountain, viewed from the Skalli hike

Bláhnúkur and two hikers crossing a ridge. Can you see them?

Brennisteinslalda viewed from the Skaly trail in Landmannalaugar

Brennisteinsalda, toward the end of the hike.

Photos and Photography tips for Skalli and Uppgönguhryggur

First of all: make sure you have a telephoto lens with you. I always say this when talking about Photography in Landmannalaugar. A telephoto lens will open up endless compositional possibilities in terms of isolating details farther away and finding abstract compositions. Most of the shots below are in the 70-200mm range.

The landscape here is unique and even more so in the ever-changing light of the highlands of Iceland. This is a very long hike, but time will fly. Compulsive shooting will set in early in the hike.

I have never found much use for an ultrawide angle lens in Landmannalaugar. Anything between 24-200 should be more than enough. Though, I sometimes wished I had more reach than 200 mm. For instance, on Skalli’s summit, everything seems so small and far away that I wished I had more reach. Still, the views from there are superb.

One recommendation for Uppgönguhryggur If you want good sidelight, I’d recommend going in the later afternoon or evening.

Lastly, it is only allowed to fly drones in any of the Icelandic nature reserves with a permit. So if you are planning on using one, make sure you apply for a permit (which is rather costly).

Uppgönguhryggur a curvy ridge in the highlands of Iceland

Detail of Uppgönguhryggur.

The trail on top of Uppgönguhryggur 

Uppgönguhryggur from the trail.

Colourful mountains in the highlands of Iceland

Detail of the colourful mountains across the Jökulgilskvísl river.

Colourful Landmannalaugar mountains

The Jökulgilskvísl river and the landscape around it.

Light on the colourful mountains of landmannalaugar.

200mm photo of the landscape from Skalli’s summit.

Snow-capped mountain in summer in the highlands of Iceland, along the Skalli trail

Snow-capped mountain visible from the Skalli trail.

Abstract photo of stones on the ground on the top of skull

Abstract photo of the rocky ground on top of Skalli.

light on the colourful Landmannalaugar mountains with a river in the background.

Yet another 200mm shot of the landscape along the Skalli trail. Shot at 200mm

View over the vast expanses in the highlands of Icelands with rivers mixing with hills.

Rivers and mountains mixing in the vast expanses of the Icelandic Highlands. 200mm shot.

Detail of the landscape oil the The Skalli and Uppgönguhryggur Hike

The ever-changing light and the clouds always play a big role in changing the way the landscape appears.

The vast landscape around the The Skalli and Uppgönguhryggur Hike

The vast, snowy landscape to the south of the Skalli and Uppgönguhryggur trail.

Beautifully shaped, colourful mountains ar9und the The Skalli and Uppgönguhryggur Hike

Some beautifully shaped and colourful mountains along the trail.

Video of the Hike

Here is a video of this beautiful hike. Nothing fancy, just some music, the trails and the landscape around it:

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Map of the Skalli and Uppgönguhryggur Hike in Landmannalaugar

Here is the map of the Hike. If you need a GPS track, you can download the .GPX file from the Komoot activity.


Where to Stay

The Camping Ground is the most obvious choice if you have a tent. At the time of writing (2023), the cost is 2,500 ISK per person per night. This includes a QR code for a 5-minute warm shower. Also, there is a hut where up to 78 guests can be accommodated in dorm rooms. If you have a camper van, sleeping in the parking lot is okay, but you would have to pay to use the hut’s facilities.

Additional Resources

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