Kolugljúfur and Kolufoss, a Beautiful Canyon with Waterfalls, Iceland

It is often said that there isn’t much in this northwest corner of Iceland, but Kolugljúfur and Kolufoss can easily disprove that. Kolugljúfur is a small but beautiful Canyon, with an equally beautiful waterfall, Kolufoss.

Man looking at Kolugljufur and Kolufoss

Kolufoss, although relatively small, is a mighty waterfall.

This is a highly recommended stop for a short walk when driving across from the north of Iceland to the south or vice-versa.

Located in Kolugil, the Víðidalsá River in Víðidalur crosses the Kolugljúfur canyon and forms a few beautiful waterfalls along the way.

Although not directly located on the ring road, the visit to Kolugljúfur and Kolufoss won’t; take more than half an hour. So definitely a location to stop at.

Kolugljufur canyon and kolufoss waterfall in a snow-covered landscape


Table of Contents

Overview of the Kolugljúfur and Kolufoss Hike & Map

This was a short walk. it could not be otherwise when I visited due to snow and ice on the trails.

Max Altitude  92 m
Distance  0.6 KM
Elevation gain  20 m ↑ / 20 m ↓
Hike time  00:15/ 00:20  Hours
Hike Difficulty  Easy

Here is a map of this walk, to give you an idea of the location:

How to get to Kolugljúfur and Kolufoss and Parking

Although Kolugljúfur is not directly located on the ring road, it’s just a short detour. It takes about 5 minutes each way by car, from the ring road.

  • Driving Directions: From the ring road, turn into road Number 715, Víðidalsvegur. The road is partly gravel, but you do not need a 4WD car. 2WD is perfectly fine.
  • Parking: parking spots are limited, but free. You can park on either side of the canyon. Even if parking spots are full, this is a quick stop, so even if it is full, you can likely wait just five minutes for someone to leave.
  • Public Transport: if you don’t have a car, you can also visit this location by bus. Bus 57, running between Akureyri and Reykjavik, stops at Víðigerði. From there, it’s a 15-minute walk.
View form the Kologljufur observation deck into the Canyon

View from the Observation deck into the Canyon

The Kolugljúfur and Kolufoss Trail and Observation deck

This is a short walk and there are a few vantage points you can walk to. First and foremost, the bridge provides a great viewpoint of the first waterfall.

From there you can walk down closer to the waterfall, but be careful to not get too close to it. It can be wet and slippery.

Kolugljufur view from the observation deck.

With Ice and snow, it could be dangerous to walk part this point.

You will find the main observation right by the bridge. There, you will also find an observation deck that gives you a good view of the canyon and the waterfall.

You should be able to walk further down the canyon as well to get a better view of it and the second waterfall. I was unable to do so on my trip due to snow. It was not safe to walk any further down that way. This applies to both sides of the canyon.

Kolugljúfur and Kolufoss Photos and Photography tips

I think Kolufoss is a very photogenic location, so I’m not sure why it isn’t more widely known or visited by most landscape photographers. It should also get decent natural lighting conditions for the most of the day. Or, at least from mid-late morning until afternoon since the waterfall and the canyon are south-facing. Because of this, it should especially be food for sunset/sunrise in summer.

The bridge across the canyon does provide a good view of Kolufoss, but that’s the only thing about it. Needless to say, the bridge is a rather disturbing element and hard to include in the photos in any compelling way. Sometimes bridges are good or even great in landscape photography, but this one hardly is.

So, you’d have a fun time looking for the best compositions to minimize its impact :). However, you can easily walk under it and get to a much closer viewpoint. Almost scary close!

Kolufoss and Kolugljufur

View of a river and a waterfall in the north west of iceland

Man looking at waterfall from close to the cliff

Where to stay

Not much in the immediate vicinities but there are plenty of accommodations or guesthouses along the roal ring road to find some guesthouses or hotels. Most notably, the North West Hotel and Restaurant is just by the bus stop and a 5-minute drive away.

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