The Gufu Waterfall Hike – Gufufoss, Est Iceland

The Gufu Waterfall is a 27m high waterfall in Seydisfjördur, in the East Fjords of Iceland.  Austurland in Icelandic, this is a region dotted with many beautiful waterfalls and Gufufoss ranks high among them.

The Gufu Waterfall on a sunny day under cloudless sky

Gufufoss, or the Gufu Waterfall

Although visiting Gufufoss requires a detour from the ring road, the drive will take approximately 30 minutes each way. If you are on your way to visit the beautiful little town of Seyðisfjörður, then a stop at the Gufu Waterfall is already guaranteed, even if you have not already planned it.

I visited Gufufoss during an eight days campervan trip across Iceland, and it makes for a nice detour from the ring road. If you are on a waterfall hunt check that post for some more suggestions, like Fardagafoss which you can find on the way to this location from Egilsstaðir.

View from above of a waterfall in the East fjords of Iceland

Gufufoss from above.


Overview of the Gufu Waterfall Hike & Map

As you can see this was more of a short walk than a hike, but you can make it longer either going upstream or downstream, following the trails around it.

Max Altitude  150 m
Distance  0.9 KM
Elevation gain  30 m ↑ / 30 m ↓
Hike time  00:15/ 00:30  Hours
Hike Difficulty  Easy

Here is also a map of the same hike. You can also download the GPS file from the linked Koomot Activity for free if you wish to do so.

How to get to the Gufu Waterfall and Parking

  • Driving Directions: Located on Road 93 (Vestuvegur), the drive from Egilsstaðir will take less than 30 minutes. This means you can potentially include Gufufoss in your itinerary as a relatively quick detour from the Ring Road. If you are looking for car rental options, I can recommend Blue Car Rental for cars (5% discount through The Photo Hikes) and CampEasy for Camper Vans.
  • Parking: there aren’t many parking posts available. Actually, there’s no official parking area as of 2024. Just some relatively wide pullout areas on the side of the road that can fit a few cars. This should not be a big issue as this is almost a stop-and-go location.
  • Public Transport: no viable public transport option to this location.

If you arrive in Seydisfjordur at the cruise port with a ship, you can also hike to Gugufoss! The hike is about 3.5 KM from there, and it will likely take one hour each way – maybe a little more on the way to the waterfall as it is uphill.

Image of a camper van parked next to a waterfall in Iceland during a road trip.

The CampEasy Campervan I used for my ring road trip around Iceland, with Gufufoss in the background. this is the “Parking area”.

The Gufu Waterfall Trail

From the parking area, a gravel path will lead you down next to the river. From there you can follow the river upstream up next to the waterfall.

This is a waterfall you can get quite close to, but you’d probably have to stop a bit earlier due to the intense water spray. there is also a short trail that leads up above the waterfall, which I’d recommend following to get the best panoramic view of the fjords below.

Gufufoss, or the Guru Waterfall viewed from the riverbed

The Gufu waterfall viewed from the trail that leads up above it, with a view of the mountains in the background.

Additionally, there is also a trail on the side opposite the road. However, when I visited I could not find an easy sport to cross the river without getting wet, neither upstream nor downstream. I was there in May, at the peak of the thawing season. I can imagine It would be easier to cross the river in Summer. Whenever the water volume is lower, you could hop from rock to rock without getting wet.

The Gufu Waterfall Photos and Photography Tips

While this is a relatively small waterfall, its accessibility makes it a perfect subject. By that I mean you can easily move around the waterfall, both up and downstream. Additionally, you can also hike up above it!

View of a waterfall from Above in the Was fjords of Iceland

Gufufoss from above. there are a few wide, flat rocky areas around it.

So unlike other waterfalls that do not offer many compositional options due to their geological features, the Gufu waterfall is very approachable. This grants plenty of compositional opportunities from different vantage points.

This makes it a particularly fun location to spend some time taking photos and looking for all the compositions you can find. I surely enjoyed the visit more than anticipated and spent way more time taking photos than walking around the waterfall – usually, it’s the other way around.

Long exposure photo of Gufufoss

The Gufu Waterfall partially reflecting in a pond by the waterfall.

Gufufoss viewed from the trail that leads up above it.

Gufufoss a beautiful waterfall in the austurland region on a sunny but hazy day.

Also, be ready with a cloth; the water spray from the waterfall can be quite intense. Lastly, the waterfall faces east, so morning to noon is the best time to catch it fully lit by the sun – assuming it’s out.

Where to stay

Seyðisfjörður is a charming little town. Therefore, if you are at the last stops of the day, it makes sense to stop there rather than go back to Egilsstaðir or somewhere along the ring road.

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