One person tents for hiking photographers

In this post, we’ll look at some of the best three and four seasons one person tents for hiking photographers. As usual, I’ll show tents and brands I have experience with, and I will explain the reasons behind each one of the purchases I made.

One person tents for hiking photographers

My Big Agnes Fly creek Ul HV 1 tent

I’ll take a look at both Three and Fours seasons tents. If you, like me, spend time camping high up in the mountains or around the Arctic cycle, both a three and four seasons tent will get their fair amount of use.

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Three seasons one person tents for hiking photographers – Big Agnes Fly Creek HV UL 1

Semi freestanding, ultra-lightweight, and highly packable. Very well-built and more robust than it looks. If you are wondering what the HV and UL acronyms mean, here’s a quick explanation:

  • HV: High Volume. This is because the tent has a feature tab that allows you to stretch each side using the guy lines to make the inside a little roomier.
  • UL: Ultra-Light. It is hard to find such a lightweight tent for such a fair price. With a packed weight of 2lb 1oz / 936g
The best hikes for Photography in Norway, Tent on Ryten

My trusty ultralight Big Agnes Fly Creek UL HV on Ryten, Lofoten Islands.

The reason why I purchased this tent was to have an extremely lightweight tent for a reasonable price. This is the tent I use in warmer weather when I can spend most of the time outside the tent and need to get in just to sleep.

Still, I slept in this tent in pouring rain and have not had a drop of water inside. The tent does not need to be seam-sealed, which is another big plus.

Three seasons one person tents Big Agnes Fly Creek HV UL 1Pros & Cons:


  • Weight and Size: this is the main advantage of this tent. This one is hard to beat if you are looking for an ultra-light tent for a fair price. Also, if you store the poles in the backpack’s side pocket, you can compress this tent to a very small size. This also allows you to save quite a lot of space.
  • Setup: it’s easy and quick to set up. The frame is one single piece.
  • Waterproof: as mentioned, it does not need seam sealing and can withstand heavy rains without letting any water in.
  • Ventilation: especially in its HV configuration, air can circulate easily. This means little to no condensation. I’ve had condensation only once, sleeping on very wet ground.


  • Vestibule: the front vestibule door feels awkward and does not make it super easy to store gear in the front or enter/exit.
  • Ventilation: I put this as a cons as well. This is because if the weather turns cold, it can get quite chilly inside, especially when windy. Still, this is a three season tent and not designed for colder weather.

Specs + Sizing

Trail Weight 1lb 11oz / 765g
Packed Weight 2lb 1oz / 936g
Fast Fly Weight 1lb 4oz / 567g
Packed Size 4″ x 19″ / 10 x 48cm
Floor Area 20sq ft / 1.9m²
Head Height 38″ / 97cm
Vestibule Area 5sq ft / 0.5m²
Footprint Weight 3oz / 85g
Number of Seasons 3
Number of Doors 1

Also, like most tents, the footprint is not included and will need to be purchased separately – click here to check it on Amazon.

If you want to check out my long term review of the Big Agnes Fly Creek HV UL1 click here.

Three seasons one person tents – Big Agnes Copper Spur

A little heavier, but it has the advantage of having a side door compared to the Fly Creek. The side door makes getting in and out of the tent easier and provides more vestibule spaces to store your gear.

If I had to repurchase an ultra-lightweight one-person tent, I would seriously condor the Copper Spur:

Specs + Sizing

Trail Weight 2lb 2oz / 964 g
Packed Weight 2lb 6oz / 1.08kg
Fast Fly Weight 1lb 10oz / 737g
Packed Size 17.5″ x 5.5″ / 44 x 14cm
Floor Area 20 ft² / 1.9 m²
Head Height 38″ / 97cm
Vestibule Area 9 ft² / 0.8 m²
Footprint Weight 4oz / 113g
Number of Seasons 3
Number of Doors 1

The Copper Spur does not come with a footprint either, but it can be purchased separately – click here to check it out on Amazon.

One person four seasons tents for hiking photographers – Hilleberg Soulo (Red Label)

I have the green one, and I absolutely love this tent. Yes, at 2.4Kg packed weight, it’s more than twice the weight of the fly creek, but it’s a four-season tent.

I bring this with me when I hike high up in the alps or when I need to be out in bad weather. Super tough and resistant, you will not fear the elements n this tent.

One person tents for hiking photographers, hilleberg Soulo in the mountains

My Hilleberg Soul up in the Swiss Alps.

The vestibule also has space for quite a lot of gear. The inside of the tent has some extra space too.

The reason why I bought this tent was to have something very reliable in any weather conditions. It’s pricier than other four seasons tents, but its robustness and reliability are very hard to come by.

One person four seasons tents – Hilleberg Soulo (Red Label) – Pros & Cons:


  • Setup: this one is also straightforward to set up. It has three colour-coded poles.
  • Wind-resistance: does not flap or move in strong winds.
  • Space: you can comfortably sit upright inside and do other activities in bad weather.
  • Luminosity: even the green one is very luminous inside
  • Waterproof: no need to seam seal it.
  • Warmth: this is a very warm tent, and you can trust it in colder climates.


  • Weight: obviously, this is not the best seeing point of this tent. It is heavy, but this is inevitable for such a resistant and robust tent.
  • Condensation: you will inevitably get some condensation inside if you need to sleep with the vestibule closed.
One person tents for hiking photographers, tent on the beach in the Lofoten

My Hilleberg Soulo, Uttakleiv Beach, Lofoten, Norway.

One person four seasons tents – MSR Access 1

I had this one too, and I liked it too. It is the winter version of the Hubba. I had, however, to return it.

Why? Because on the first night out, one of the poles cracked and pierced the tent.

Luckily, I was on a leisure camping trip to try it out and had my Big Agnes fly creek as a backup.

So Why do I still promote it? Three main reasons:

  • Price/Quality: for the price, you get great value. It is hard to find a robust four seasons tent for this price.
  • Space: quite spacious inside, and the vestibule space is great too
  • Support: I got a full refund, no questions asked, and I am really happy with the help I received.

So there’s a lesson: always try a new tent at least once before heading out in the wild :)!

What are your favorite three and four seasons tents? Have you tried any of these? Feel free to share more recommendations in the comments section below.


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