Stoos-Fronalpstock Snowshoe Hike, Switzerland

The Stoos-Fronalpstock Snowshoe hike is a moderately difficult snowshoe hike that is both challenging and fun. Not to mention the views from the top, which are beyond amazing. Looking at Lake Lucerne from Fronalpstock is a sight to be seen, even more so when the surrounding mountains are painted white by a recent snowfall.

Lake Lucerne viewed from the top of Fronalpstock on a sunny winter day.

Lake Lucerne, from the top of Fronalpstock.

Additionally, while most of the marked trail is close to other infrastructure on the mountains, the views along the trail are pretty spectacular. While getting to the top is quite physically demanding, you will often stop along the trail to gaze at the landscape, and time will fly.

If you don’t have a pair of snowshoes, no worries. You could also rent them on-site. Also, you can get to the top or back down using the chairlift that serves the Fronalpstock Gipfel restaurant. This is handy if you want to snowshoe your way up or down the mountain.

The village of Stoos on a snowy morning

The village of Stoos on a snowy morning.

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Overview of the Stoos-Fronalpstock Snowshoe Hike

Max Altitude 1,921 m
Distance 9.03 KM
Elevation gain 710 ↑ / 710 ↓
Hike time 4:00/5:00 Hours
Hike Difficulty Moderate to Difficult

Panoramic image of lake Lucerne surrounded by snow capped mountains on a sunny winter day

Panoramic Image from the top of Fronalpstock.

How to Get Fronalpstock and Parking

  • Driving Directions: to get to Stoos, you can either go to the Morschach Luftseilbahn cable car station or the more modern StoosBahn station in the Muothatal valley. I only use the older Morschach station, which is usually less crowded and quicker to get to from Lucerne. The price is the same for both, 11.00 CHF with the half-fare card. The railway, though, is an attraction in itself.
  • Parking: Both locations offer ample, onsite, paid parking areas.
  • Public Transport: to get to the Stoos railway station, you can get a train to the station of Schwyz. From there, take bus 501 toward Muotathal and hop off at Schwyz Stoosbahn (Talstation). To get to the Morschach cable car station, take bus 504 from the Brunnen train station to the Morschach Luftseilbahn Station.

Stoos-Fronalpstock Snowshoe Trail and Photos

The snowshoe trail Strats right out of the Mountain station of the Morschach cable or the Stoos railway. The usual pink Snowshoe/Winter Hiking trails will point you in the right direction. The trail is also well marked, with the colour-coded pink poles. It is, therefore, easy to follow. Still, it is easy enough to make short detours if you want to cut the trail or check out other areas close to it.

Winter Hiking and snowshoeing signs in a snowy landscape

The pink signs for Fronalpstock are the ones you need to follow.

Initially, the trail will cross the car-free village of Stoos to turn up the mountainside after 5-10 minutes. From here, it is a relatively steep snowshoe hike to the top.

Fear not, though! There will be fantastic views all along the trail, both over the Village of Stoos and the mountains surrounding it, as well as on the other side, where Kleiner and Grosser Mythen dominate the landscape.

Kleiner and Grosser Mythen from the snowshoe hike to Frontalpstock

The Kleiner and Grosser Mythen, the two mountains in the background.

I took my time to hike up with my snowshoes. I enjoy being in the magic-white snowy landscape and always take my time on my way up. It took me almost four hours to get to the top, but less than one to get back down!

All in all, this probably is one of the most scenic snowshoe hikes in Central Switzerland.

Frozen trees in a winter landscape

The magic of winter!

Frozen trees in the fog on a Swiss mountain

Some more winter magic.

The village of Stoos under a thin veil of fog

Drone shot of the village of Stoos.

Kleiner and Grosser Mythen show from a drone

The Kleiner and Grosser Mythen. Drone Shot.

Winter landscape with mountain peaks emerging from the clouds.

Again, the imposing Kleiner and Grosser Mythen from the snowshoe trail to Fronalpstock.

A hut on top of a mountain in winter

The Fronalpstock Gipfel Restaurant, on top of Fronalpstock.

The Kleiner and Grosser Mythen Mountain tops emerging from the clouds on a sunny day.

Closeup of the Kleiner and Grosser Mythen emerging from the clouds.

Lake Lucerne under a thin veil of Fog from the top of fronalpstock

Lake Lucerne.

Lake Lucerne viewed from the top of Fronalpstock on a sunny winter day.

Lake Lucerne, from the top of Fronalpstock.

Hiker looking at the snow capped alpine landscape from the top of frontal-stock after a snowshoe hike from Stoos

Selfie – looking at the landscape from the top of Fronalpstock.

Video of the Hike

I’ve also made a short video of this snowshoe hike. If you want to have a feel for the trail, you can watch it here, or on YouTube:

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Map of the Stoos-Fronalpstock Snowshoe Hike

Here is the map of my Snowshoe hike. The trail is easy to follow, but if you want a GPS track, you can download it from the Komoot activity below:


Where to stay

  • The Fronalpstock Gipfel Restaurant also serves as a hotel. This makes it possible to spend the night there and enjoy a Sunset or Sunrise from the top of the mountains.
  • The Village of Stoos, where the trailhead is, offers several different types of accommodations. Plenty of choices there!


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