Longing for Iceland? Try These!

Whether you have visited Iceland several times or are getting ready for your first trip, then you have probably experienced that condition of “longing for Iceland” that this country will undoubtedly infect any visitors with. Leaving Iceland will make you feel homesick, even if it is not your home. Still, you’ll almost have a feeling of belonging there in some way. You will miss Iceland and all of its beauty, its storms and freezing summer nights.

If you are affected by this condition, Welcome to the club! Also, you should know there are no known cures, and the only remedy is to hop on a plane and off to the ring road or the highlands of Iceland.

Small window of a troll house in Iceland

Troll house discovered

Longing for Iceland – Symptoms

The symptoms will start appearing toward the end of your first trip and any subsequent one. Toward the end of your trip, you’ll find yourself planning your next trip multiple times. This will be followed by a feeling of not wanting to leave at all. Once you are on the plane, you’ll already want to run back out.

So while you are planning your next trip or waiting to visit Iceland for the first time, here are something you can do to alleviate the symptoms

  • Spend endless hours planning your next trip

Research new locations as soon as you’re back home from your trip. Create a spreadsheet for your next trip that would make any project manager envious of the level of planning. Spend countless hours on Google Maps or Google Earth in the hope of finding new hidden gems to visit on your next trip. Change the maps to 3D to get a better feeling of being there. Read and re-read any brochure you may have saved as a souvenir from your previous trip. Read your notes and spreadsheet Look at maps again.

Collections of books and maps on Iceand

Enough to plan the next trip?

  • Watch all the Icelandic TV shows or movies you can get your hands on

Trapped Season 1 and 2, entrapped, The Minister, Katla, Not Albinoi, Either Way, The Deep, the Virgin Mountain, Angels of the Universe, Life in a Fishbowl, Rams, Cold Fever, Jar City, Volcano. And, of course, Næturvaktin, Dagvaktinm, Fangavaktin followed by Mr. Bjarnfreðarson ..and the list could go on for a while. Luckily, there are plenty of gems in the Icelandic Cinema department.

  • Watch your old videos or photos, and then everyone else’s, on YouTube and Social Media.

In the process, make acquaintances with fellow travellers who are suffering from the same sweet illness (that’s why most of us are here, right ;) ?

  • Eat or drink your edible souvenirs

You did bring some Icelandic food back home with you, didn’t you? You tried to make it last as long as you could but failed? I failed too. My Flatkökur, Harðfiskur and the Hraun lava bars didn’t last long. Definitely put some of these on your list if you haven’t been there yet.

  • Read some books Icelandic Books

Troll stories and folk tales, the various Little Book of Icelanders, the Sagas. All the books of Jon Stefan Kalmannson, Halldor Laxness, again Angels of the Universe or some Geology book you didn’t know you’d love until you bought one. Also, become a glacier expert.

If you are longing for iceland you can read some of these books

A pile of books from Icelandic authors you could dig into!

  • Listen to all the Icelandic music you can find

Sigur Rós, Björk, Of Monsters and Men, Ólafur Arnalds, Múm, GusGus, plus many more …and go through the whole Wikipedia list of bands from Iceland.

  • Check the weather and road conditions

Take a look at the road conditions in Iceland, check the weather and the earthquake situation. You know, to get an idea of how things look there at the moment and in case there’s a volcano that’s about to erupt.

  • Check the webcams in various parts of Iceland

There are plenty of good webcams in Iceland to take a look at on a break from work or wherever you fancy. Again, to make sure everything is still in order there.

  • Wear your Lopapeysa

Or any other well product you may have brought home with you. Alternatively, browse the internet to choose your colors and pattern if you are getting ready for your first trip!

Westfjord of Iceland at sunset in Summer

Dreaming of the Westfjords? Me too, my friend, me too..


If you are experimenting with new possible cures, please leave your tips in the comments below; I am too constantly looking for my next fix …although I suspect none of us really wants a cure for this..;)!

If you read the post all the way down here, I am sure you’d be happy to check my collection of hikes in Iceland or take a look at the best books on Hiking in Iceland to discover new locations and plan your next trip!