The Nubben Hike, Lofoten, Norway

The Hike to Nubben (240m) is a short and easy one that can be done in less than 45 minutes or so. One of the main highlights, but not the only one as we’ll see, is the view of the Ramberg Beach (Rambergstranda) it offers.

View ot the Ramberg beach at the top of the hike to Nubben

Rambergstranda, or Ramberg Beach, viewed from the top of Nubben.

Due to how short this hike is, you can easily combine it with another short one on the same day. With Røren for instance, which is what I did too.

Anyway if you are passing by Ramberg and have time for a short hike, or just are looking for one of the best views of Ramberg Beach,  Nubben is your best option. It also offers good views of the Fredvang Bridges and Volandstind.

Fredvangbruene or Fredvang Bridges in a minimalistic photo.

One of the Fredvang Bridges, 70mm photo from the top of Nubben.

Ramberg beach and the blue waters of the sea viewed from the top of Nubben on a cloudy and Rainy day.

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Overview of the Nubben Hike & Map

This is a short and easy hike, which could be done in less than an hour. While the trail is steep you don’t need to scramble up the mountain. However, I do recommend to take it easy especially if wet as there are several rocks and it is rather slippery in places.

Max Altitude  240 m
Distance  1.99 KM
Elevation gain  240 m ↑ / 240 m ↓
Hike time  00:45/ 01:00  Hours
Hike Difficulty  Easy

Here is also the map of the Hike. You can download the GPS track for free from the Komoot activity.

How to get to Nubben and Parking

  • Driving Directions: to get to the trailhead you will have to follow road E10 in either direction until you arrive at Ramberg, specifically until you reach the Bunnpris Supermarket
  • Parking: free parking is available in front of or behind the small building hosting the Bunnpris supermarket
  • Public Transport: there is a Bus stop right by the supermarket. you can plan the trip here.
Nubben trailhead near Ramberg in the Lofoten with some houses in the foreground

The trailhead and Nubben, the giant rock on the right.

The Nubben Hiking Trail

From the parking lot in from of the Supermarket in Ramberg, cross the road and start walking in the general direction of Nubben. It’s that sort of giant rock on your right.

It will probably feel as if you are trespassing into someone’s garden. However, you should soon see a sign pointing to the trail. if you don’t see it…you may have taken the wrong road and you may indeed be trespassing :)

Nubben hiking trail sign on the grass

The only sign you will find on the trail.

The trail is as steep as it looks from the parking lot. Essentially a short series of twists and turns on the side of the Mountain.

On the other hand, this means the views open up rather quickly and it’s just a few minutes before you can catch the first glimpse of the Beach in Ramberg.

view of Ramberg beach on a hike to Nubben

It won’t be long before you reach the top on the steep but well-worn trail. The Summit is relatively flat with big rocks here and there, so plenty of spots to just sit and enjoy the views.

The Nubben Hike Photos and Photography tips

While Nubben offers one of the best views and vantage points to see the Ramberg beach, the landscape is great all around it.

I was very much surprised at how photogenic and photography-friendly the landscape is from up there.

View of Ramberg beach from Nubben with some rocks in the foreground.

white sand beach of Ramberg in the Lofoten.

Apart from the obvious Rambergstranda, there are two more very scenic views that I think are worth the hike in themselves.

The first one is the view of the Fredvangbruene – or Fredvang Bridges. Normally photographed with a drone and Volandstind in the background, I think the view is great also from Nubben. In a more minimalistic way, but I think they work great, especially on rainy days, which there is no shortage of in the Lofoten usually.

Fredvangbruene or Fredvang Bridges in a minimalistic monochrome photo.

The second one is Volandstind and Skjefjord. This is more of a classic landscape short compared to the bridges

In terms of lenses, you won’t need an ultra-wide angle up there, everything would look too small and there are not many great foreground options.

Volandstind and Skjelfjord view point from nubbin that can be reached on a short hike

Volandstind, on the right, and Skjelfjord, on the left.

view of a foggy landscape in the lofted on the island of Flakstadoya.

Drone-like view of the landscape from Nubben in the Lofoten islands.

Nubben offers almost drone-like views to any hiker who reaches the top.

Lastly, depending on the direction you look at, toward Volandstind for Sunrise and Toward Ramberg for Sunset, this would be great for sunset and sunrise in late spring and early autumn. Also, this would be a great sport to catch the midnight sun in summer.

Where to stay

Ramberg is an excellent place to stay; there are plenty of hikes around. Also, some cafes, the “biggest” supermarket in the area, and a campsite with a Restaurant among others.

However, as this is a very short hike you could easily add it to your itinerary and stay in other places such as Reine or Leknes.

Or perhaps, you could hike to Kvalvika Beach and camp there for the night!

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